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1 and 2 . Me in the city 3. Inside the wekday store 4. The Oslo Opera House 
My boyfriend's boss invited us on a Oslo cruise over the weekend. We managed to squeeze in some shopping and cultural stuff in Oslo, though we only had a few hours to ourselves, before it was time to go by sea. On the boat there was access to the relaxation area (read; jacuzzi time!) and diffrent stores for all shopping freaks like me, hehe. They even had a cinema on the boat. And the food, omg its was amazing!

Postat av: Frida

Fin blogg du har! Ställ gärna en fråga i frågestunden som jag har nu, kram!

2012-10-02 @ 19:17:21
URL: http://andheims.devote.se/
Postat av: Johan

Snygg jacka.

2012-10-04 @ 05:59:11
URL: http://soulreggaeochfotboll.devote.se
Postat av: mandy

Sjuukt fin blogg !

2012-10-15 @ 20:52:56
URL: http://keiras.devote.se

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